2.0.1 Release Notes

May 28, 2024

Fixed a spacing issue on location pages under "Today's Hours" Fixed off-center loading icon on room reservation form Updated Date Recur module to latest version Added first 2.0.x release continue reading

Beta 24 Release Notes

May 01, 2024

Fixed an issue where customers using iOS Safari would sometimes reserve rooms outside of regular 15 minute intervals Fixed a bug when typing in date filters on Events page Fixed an issue where dropdowns could lose focus when the Events view refreshed Fixed an issue on the Events page where deselecting options within multi-value filters required two clicks Fixed issue in the Intercept upstream with missing configuration files for location slideshows Fixed a bug where events… continue reading

Beta 23 Release Notes

March 29, 2024

Redesigned the Event Feedback mechanism used by customers Improve customer interface for filtering rooms by location when reserving by room Ensured that customers can see the "Add to my Calendar" link once they reserve a room using the "by room" interface Fixed a bug that allowed double-booking by staff when editing an existing event with a reservation Fixed an issue with inconsistent room reserve button sizes on location pages Fixed an error when attempting to clone an… continue reading

Beta 22 Release Notes

January 26, 2024

Fixed an issue on the room reservation calendar where staff were sometimes unable to update guest reservation information Fixed an issue on Reserve By Room where invalid warnings could appear regarding the chosen time slot Fixed a date discrepancy on the Events listing page 3412547: Added a check for query parameters for sorting past events 3412543: Fixed an issue where event registration waitlist capacity could sometimes display a negative number Fixed an error in equipment… continue reading

Beta 21 Release Notes

December 15, 2023

Updated room reservation calendar to keep the selected times when a user logs in Updated room reservation calendar to automatically filter to location of last reservation for logged in customers Fixed an issue where staff could accidentally enter negative number of attendees for an event Fixed an issue where staff were unable to change a reservation from Approved to Requested status continue reading

Beta 20 Release Notes

December 04, 2023

Staff events listing - Added a new event filter for no attendance recorded Staff events listing - Updated attendance numbers to show the difference between programs with 0 and null attendance Fixed a bug where study room reservations were not being automatically approved after customer edits Fixed a couple of room reservations double booking scenarios Fixed a warning that could sometimes appear when viewing room reservations Fixed display issue on loading icon when used in… continue reading

Beta 19 Release Notes

October 27, 2023

Added an automatic data refresh feature to the room reservation calendar Updated the "reserve by room" feature to keep the currently-selected filters when a customer logs in Updated the "reserve by room" feature to take anonymous users straight to log in page when they click green "Reserve" button Fixed a bug where some website requests could result in errors when JavaScript was involved (related to Material Icons library) 3393035: Replace calls to deprecated method… continue reading

Beta 18 Release Notes

September 29, 2023

Customers and staff can now see events color-coded by their primary audience on the printable event calendar (requires using a subtheme of intercept_base, overriding the intercept_base/fullCalendar theme library, and therein defining colors per audience). Clarified the "Usage" filter under the calendar view of Room Reservations Began research & development on reworking customer feedback options. This redesigned feature is planned to become available in Q4. Room Reservation… continue reading

Beta 17 Release Notes

September 01, 2023

We had some issues with our post-deployment process at the end of July and ended up not sharing the Drupal 10 changes as expected. We've fixed a number of those bugs in this release and everything that was planned to be included in the previous release is now included in this release (see the 8.x-1.0-beta16 section in the Intercept module's CHANGELOG.md for more specifics). Here are the items we completed in beta17 specifically: Staff and customers can now add room… continue reading

Beta 15 Release Notes

June 30, 2023

One of the biggest changes you'll notice in this release is the change to the events page. We've transitioned to a non-React version of the events page and calendar to make development changes easier to manage. Existing Intercept site admins may want to re-import the events view configuration from the intercept_events module directory in order to be sure that they have the latest changes in place for the events listing page and calendar. Added "Add to Calendar" links in event… continue reading

Beta 14 Release Notes

May 26, 2023

The following features and bug fixes have been released as part of Intercept this month. Updated the "End date" field on the staff room reservation form to update automatically when the start date is updated Fixed an issue on the staff events list where no events would appear if a single day was selected Improved the visibility of room reservation conflict messages when staff are creating an event Add more updates to prepare for the Drupal 10 upgrade Fixed an issue with the… continue reading

Beta 13 Release Notes

April 28, 2023

The following features and bug fixes have been released as part of Intercept this month. Added warnings to event creators when creating events that take place during a library closing Made it easier for staff who administer closings to see and administer events listed during closings Fixed color of checkboxes on My Events Updated green colors in room reservation screens to match green used throughout site Updated the event form so that the teaser text is required Updated… continue reading

Beta 12 Release Notes

April 06, 2023

The following features and bug fixes have been released as part of Intercept this month. Added an equipment request cancellation email notification Fixed issue with customer profile settings not appearing correctly in Intercept upstream Created a way for staff to view event organizer details Updated text reminder to customers to be timed at 24 hours before the event Updated the “by calendar” version of the room reservation form to include the same description of refreshments… continue reading

Beta 11 Release Notes

February 24, 2023

The following features and bug fixes have been released as part of Intercept this month. Added a new data export option for equipment reservation reporting Ensured a new revision is recorded each time field changes happen on room reservations Fixed a bug regarding form field focus for the room reservation form Prevented customers from entering 0 attendees when creating a room reservation Fixed a bug on the room reservation calendar that prevented drag and drop functionality… continue reading

Beta 10 Release Notes

January 27, 2023

The following features and bug fixes have been released as part of Intercept this month. Added "hosting location" field for online events Fixed bug when staff re-generate recurring events Added Drupal 9.5 update Reverts to jQuery UI module 1.4 temporarily to fix date filters continue reading

Beta 9 Release Notes

December 16, 2022

The following features and bug fixes have been released as part of Intercept this month. Ensured uneditable room reservation detail displays after saving Fixed misaligned fields on room reservation calendar view Made event email notifications style-able 3326093: Fixed issue with mobile logo in Intercept Base theme Added Drupal 9.4.9 update continue reading

Beta 8 Release Notes

December 02, 2022

The following features and bug fixes have been released as part of Intercept this month. Fixed issue in Intercept Profile with image uploads on room Allow customers to opt in to text and email notifications during event registration Added the ability to review customer feedback on the event data dashboard Fixed unnecessary redirect when staff change room reservation status Fixed disappearing options when clicking "EDIT" on customer reservation Fixed room reservation calendar… continue reading

Beta 7 Release Notes

October 28, 2022

The following features and bug fixes have been released as part of Intercept this month. Added the ability to view staff comments on the event data dashboard Updated a few My Account menu items for easier understanding Rebuilt the Bulk Room Reservations page to be more user friendly for staff Reviewed Intercept code and made improvements via Coder Bulk Room Reservation - Fixed warning messages when invalid times are entered Fixed automatic approval bug in staff room… continue reading

Beta 6 Release Notes

October 03, 2022

The following features and bug fixes have been released as part of Intercept this month. Fixed Intercept: Event Teaser Not Using Serifed Font For Location Details Room Reservation Form Updates: Certifications - Indicate Expired Polaris Accounts Fixed: "Reserved for" section is auto-filling the admin (who is logged in) as who is reserving the room Room Reservations (Staff side) should allow staff to override minimum room attendee numbers Staff Room Reservation Entry… continue reading

Latest Feature Simple but Mighty

August 08, 2022

Common Event Messaging Feature Now staff can automatically add repetitive copy to an event with consistency! Check out this new feature we launched last week that allows event creators to simply click a box and add in three common event messaging types. At Richland Library, we have them set up as the following:   Outdoor Program / Weather Disclaimer COVID Safety Zoom Registration  But your library can customize however you'd like! Watch the video to see how it works! Let us… continue reading

Intercept: a History

July 18, 2022

After almost nine years of thought, planning and implementation, it seems a good time to look back at the history of Intercept. What started as an idea to thank and reward customers evolved into the open source calendar, event management, and room reservation software we call Intercept today. Here’s a quick look back at how it all began.  Planning & Pilot In 2013, the idea to scan customers at programs began in earnest as part of our 2013-2016 Strategic Plan goals. The team… continue reading

SIP2 Connection Available!

April 01, 2022

Hey everyone! We’ve been continuing to make a lot of progress with new features and bug fixes on Intercept since our last update. Please check out the recent releases on Drupal.org for a list of some of those improvements (https://www.drupal.org/project/intercept/releases). One special new feature that we want to share with you today is the brand new Intercept ILS SIP2 module. It’s a feature that some non-Polaris libraries have been requesting for quite a while and we’ve… continue reading

Huntsville-Madison Joins the Intercept Family

March 18, 2022

Great news! Our community is growing! Huntsville-Madison County Public Library in Alabama has adopted the Intercept code for their events calendar and room reservations! Shout out to Aaron and Marianne who made it happen! Staff from RAILS, Camden County and Richland presented a webinar with Intercept developer Aten Design Group on Oct. 27 to show the different ways organizations can adopt and adapt Intercept to fit their needs. You can see the recording here. Check out some… continue reading

User Community Growing

June 24, 2021

It’s Summer! People are out and traveling and enjoying our national parks! And libraries! At Richland Library, we’ve had our first outdoor storytime at our Main location, although we have been hosting programs at outdoor venues all spring, with great success. Having the registration feature of Intercept has been super helpful! storytime We’re steadily working towards building our community of Intercept users. Last summer, RAILS Illinois-based consortium launched L2, their new… continue reading

New Year, Improved Intercept!

January 01, 2021

Well, if 2020 hasn’t been a year, I don’t know what. But while we’ve all been “Don, you’re muted”-ing and hoarding toilet paper, Richland Library and Aten Design have been steadily improving Intercept and our library website. Since launching in November of 2018, we’ve done dozens of demos. We’ve heard what you’ve said, and what our staff and customers have said. Here are some of the features and enhancements we’ve implemented since launch. (If 2020 has you like, “what’s… continue reading