Intercept is made for libraries by libraries, but in the end, it’s all about the customer.

Libraries are evolving! No longer are they simply a place where books are stored – now they’re increasingly a place where learning, in its many forms, takes place. In fact, while some libraries have experienced a decrease in visitors and circulation, nationwide event attendance is up 30% over the past ten years.

We decided to level up our library programming and find a better way to connect with customers over what matters to them. We envisioned Intercept, an event management system for library Customer Engagement and Participation Tracking. Intercept was designed to support our customers while answering some all-too familiar questions libraries have been struggling with for years — how do we know what programs our customers attend, and even better, how do we give them more of what they love?

A grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation helped us make Intercept a reality. Working with Knight Foundation, we were open and committed to sharing our results, and the code they’re built on, with all libraries. We partnered with Aten Design Group to utilize their development chops and visionary design skills to help us create this innovative, open-source project.

Libraries can finally make informed programming decisions based on real-time customer feedback and data thanks to Intercept. I’m so proud to partner with The Knight Foundation and Aten Design Group to make this a reality for libraries everywhere.

Melanie H.

Project Intercept's objectives are:

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