SIP2 Connection Available!

2022-04-01 11:00

Hey everyone! We’ve been continuing to make a lot of progress with new features and bug fixes on Intercept since our last update. Please check out the recent releases on for a list of some of those improvements ( One special new feature that we want to share with you today is the brand new Intercept ILS SIP2 module. It’s a feature that some non-Polaris libraries have been requesting for quite a while and we’ve finally got it available for you to begin testing with!

The main idea of the new SIP2 module is this: a library using an ILS with SIP2 connection capabilities can allow customers to begin logging in and automatically creating accounts without needing to have a separate plugin that is built specifically for their ILS. It’s meant to be a more universal way for customers to be able to sign into an Intercept-based site. In other words, customers can use their library card as their login to view, save and register for events.

You can get your hands on this module by updating to the latest upstream (if you’re using the Pantheon upstream) or by updating to the latest release of the Intercept module. We’ve also created a quick demo video showing how to configure the module.

If you’re able to try it out, please let us know how it goes!