New Year, Improved Intercept!

2021-01-01 13:17

Well, if 2020 hasn’t been a year, I don’t know what. But while we’ve all been “Don, you’re muted”-ing and hoarding toilet paper, Richland Library and Aten Design have been steadily improving Intercept and our library website. Since launching in November of 2018, we’ve done dozens of demos. We’ve heard what you’ve said, and what our staff and customers have said. Here are some of the features and enhancements we’ve implemented since launch.

(If 2020 has you like, “what’s Intercept? I never signed up for this!?!” let me refresh your memory. Intercept is an open source calendar, event management and room reservation system, based in Drupal and currently working with Polaris ILS. It was developed by Richland Library and Aten Design Group with initial funding from the Knight Foundation.)

Customer Facing Improvements

  • Prompt attendees to rate an event
  • Direct customers to Account Summary page when logging in to encourage use of recommendations.
  • Event registration reminders via email
  • Allow non-cardholders to register for events as guest

Allow event guest registration for non-cardholders

  • Automatically register customers on waitlist when space becomes available
  • Prompt customers to update contact information
  • Display public meetings separately from library programs on calendar

Filter between public meetings and library events

  • Upgraded a printed, customized calendar
  • Display “Available Now” rooms button
  • Display Events Recommended for You in event details page
  • Display “Recommended For You” label next to recommended events based on customer’s own settings, attendance history and events saved.

Events recommended for you

  • Clickable tags for event types, audience and subject

Clickable tags for event types

  • Social media sharing icons
  • Save to calendar (iOS only for now)

Staff Facing

  • Alert staff when double booking.

Alert staff when double booking

  • Block rooms system-wide for holidays and emergency closings

Click and Drag Room Reservation Calendar

  • Click and drag functionality added to room reservation calendar
  • Set maximum time limits on room reservations
  • Customize the number of event reservations per cardholder
  • Look up cardholder by name or number for event registration
  • Export attendance and room reservation reports
  • Efficient and functional administrative menu with permissions by role

Admin Menu

  • Customized end times on room closings