Beta 7 Release Notes

2022-10-28 13:58

The following features and bug fixes have been released as part of Intercept this month.

  • Added the ability to view staff comments on the event data dashboard
  • Updated a few My Account menu items for easier understanding
  • Rebuilt the Bulk Room Reservations page to be more user friendly for staff
  • Reviewed Intercept code and made improvements via Coder
  • Bulk Room Reservation - Fixed warning messages when invalid times are entered
  • Fixed automatic approval bug in staff room reservations when status is set to "requested"
  • Fixed triangle alignment on location detail pages
  • Fixed text field label overlap on form fields
  • Fixed bug in customer certification lookup when customer notes are present
  • Limited customer’s ability to edit and cancel a room reservation after the reservation has begun
  • Fixed issue with scripts not loading