Beta 17 Release Notes

2023-09-01 16:01

We had some issues with our post-deployment process at the end of July and ended up not sharing the Drupal 10 changes as expected. We've fixed a number of those bugs in this release and everything that was planned to be included in the previous release is now included in this release (see the 8.x-1.0-beta16 section in the Intercept module's for more specifics). Here are the items we completed in beta17 specifically:

  • Staff and customers can now add room reservations to their calendars using the "Add to my Calendar" button which was previously available only on events
  • Added a new "past" tab to customer room reservations list so they can more easily rebook a room they've used in the past
  • Added new hooks to allow messaging and functionality to prevent customers from booking meeting spaces under children's library cards (dependent upon ILS module for gathering birthdates)
  • Updated the customer email reminder for events to be sent 24 hours before the event (previously it was 72 hours)
  • Updated room reservations in the “archived” status to not appear on customer & staff calendars
  • Standardized some terminology for "check-in", "scan in", and "check in"
  • Fixed some spacing issues on content pages
  • Fixed an issue where room reservation calendar filters could be cut off on smaller screens
  • Fixed a number of issues in the Intercept upstream including missing edit tabs at initial installation